First Fight

aaron and i haven’t had our first fight yet, though with wedding planning today, it got a little tense. i think with too many things happening on his side, then me trying to shove too many things into one day, it just wasn’t pleasant. i almost bit him. just joking.


i was with a friend yesterday and we were talking about how to keep the flame alive. how do you keep thinking that you can be a world changer? how can you keep wanting to share the love of God with people around you? because really and truly, you can just take a back seat, … Continue reading


aaron: i pulled my backpack straps too tight. it makes my bag lighter though. me: but then you look like a nerd. aaron: just look? nerding it up and loving it. who doesn’t think men that are good at math are sexy? wait, don’t answer that.

Wedding Planning Madness

who would’ve thought that wedding planning internationally would be (a little) insane? oh wait… everyone, that’s right. at least it’s fun :)