one of my friends is thinking of proposing to his girlfriend and i was telling him that he could propose on the plane, like one of those movies, you know? but i said, maybe you want to wait until the end of the flight though, in case she says no – awkward! then you’re stuck … Continue reading


sometimes i hear people’s proposal stories and i’m like, aww, that’s so sweet and perhaps become slightly envious of them. but you know, that’s not us. here’s my proposal story: we had only been dating three weeks and i thought i heard aaron tell me that he loved me. does he even know what those … Continue reading

While at Disney

me: thanks for taking me to the happiest place on earth… aside from disney in florida aaron: what? we’re at the beach? fail.

Lifted Weight

this school year has been ridiculously rough. in a matter of days (since the 2nd) i feel like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders. i need to learn the relax in hk. is it possible? anyways, chilling in :A for the next few days. will try to blog more this summer. got … Continue reading