i’ve had a horrible week. i haven’t worked so much in about two months. so i bailed out of volunteering tonight, completely stressed and spent. i texted aaron and let him know that i was heading home. he told me that he’d come over and bring me dinner. in between his call and getting here … Continue reading

Every Day

cheese alert: extreme. ignore this post if you’re lactose intolerant. each day i spend with him brings him closer into my heart. loving every moment.  


not sure if it’s the all-nighter that did me over or this school year, but it was more than difficult to return to school today. the kids were not in the mood to learn or cooperate. i’m glad we went back on a thursday (because tomorrow is friday). where’s my bed?


i am way too old to be pulling all-nighters. completely wiped…


i would use another semi-inappropriate word, but i realize that i’m a teacher and that this blog is public. anyways, is it just me, or do men become incredibly attractive as they help you in do physical labour? my room is now painted a cute yellow :) yay! goodbye mold, hello sunshine.


i love aaron’s smile when he thinks something is really funny. i’ve generally observed this when i make cheese jokes after he’s said something cheesy. love really is blinding, eh? i don’t think anyone else finds me funny… haha.


i say “crazy” a lot. i’ve always embraced slang or specific words for a certain period of time e.g. “ten billion” –> “it costs ten billion dollars,” “that took ten billion years,” “i want ten billion kids,” and so on. anyways, now is the time for “crazy.” oh, and lucky aaron (sense sarcasm), gets to … Continue reading

Draw Something

so when we’re walking, aaron’ll usually put his hand behind him indicating that we should hold hands. however, i don’t want to fall into habit necessarily or make him feel like we always have to hold hands, which i don’t think is the case anyways. so anyways, he is addicted to draw something (period). we … Continue reading


i always wonder if guys plan out flirty and flattering lines, or is it from the heart? either way, i think they’re half cheesy and half sweet. aaron: do the sui mei workers call everyone lang lui (beautiful girl) or just you? me: they call me that because i’m young aaron: no, i don’t think … Continue reading

Sleep and Surf

as much as i want to support my boyfriend in surfing, it’s better for both of us to let me sleep sometimes. he gets what he wants, i get what i want, we see each other later and the moods are way better than if he poked me with a stick to get out of … Continue reading