Tissue Please

went to my counselor today and he made my cry. what? why am i paying this man? not sure if it was my own crying or being forced to talk about things. don’t know. i suppose since i cried it means that i haven’t fully healed from past experiences. don’t really know what i want … Continue reading

Lent Devo (Day … March 14)

Mark 6:30-44 Jesus takes his disciples to a quiet place to try to get some rest, followed by huge crowds who want to hear more and to continue learning from him. later the disciples come to Jesus asking him to send the people away, because it’s late, there’s no food around, and quite frankly, they’re … Continue reading

Happy Pi Day

Happy Pi Day

for all those wondering what the ___ was in my previous post


working on yearbook stuff. it never ends, but enough is enough, you know? so i called it a night. i was still stuck at work though, because i had a meeting to attend on that side of the island. so i was like, i know, i’ll start my ____ for my boyfriend. one of my … Continue reading


sundays may now be my favourite day. plenty of time spent with the boyfriend. so good.


i’ve been in and out of bed all day. lounging around, slipping in and out of sleep. staying awake for about an hour at a time, then deciding to go back to bed. i threw up twice yesterday. not sure if it’s because i was sick or because of the tuna i ate. all i … Continue reading

Phone Date

i had a good phone date tonight. i think if you still aren’t super used to talking to each other, especially for extended periods of time, that people who tough it out should be recognized. i’m grateful that aaron let’s me surf the internet while talking to him. (i got a new book on amazon!) … Continue reading

What I Think (Devotions Day 13)

Father, I want to please only you. I confess that I am afraid of what others think of me. Help me to only fix my eyes on you and the task that you have called me to do. I want to finish the race well. i went to my counselor and confessed that i cannot … Continue reading


my boyfriend is like a fish. i asked him if he wanted to go to lunch today and he said he couldn’t because he was going surfing. i was like oh, okay. then he gave me this look like he was dying and said “i haven’t been surfing in two weeks.” (that’s not that long, … Continue reading