i feel like there’s this unspoken rule that when you’re doing long distance road trips and you’ve got to go to the washroom, fill up, or get food, you should never get off an exit that leads to a second highway. i had to go to the washroom and was really hungry, so i decided … Continue reading

February 14th

although a month can be a long time, and yes i am just a tad crazy, valentine’s is right around the corner. as a single-seeking-a-relationship, this time of year, along with many others, brings some sharp loneliness and resentment. actually i think those words are too harsh, but i’m too tired to correct my thoughts. … Continue reading

Spiritual Leadership

i don’t want to be the person leading spiritually in a relationship. good looks, charm, and physical intimacy will only satisfy my initial cravings for a significant other. but i’m looking for more. i suppose it’s good that guys take their time in making moves, because now i feel like i have time to sift … Continue reading

Time and Effort

i’m so sad that over time, i’ve getting less and less intentional about blogging. i think you see a lot of posts over weekends or holidays, but it’s so crazy tiring during weekdays. quick updates: flying to toronto on wednesday. will be in town for a week and a half staying at my school for … Continue reading


God limits Himself and trusts us with the Great Commission. as part of the sermon this morning, my pastor explained the truth that God doesn’t need our help in missions. we don’t have to go to hong kong to reach the lost. we don’t have to go to unreached people to reach them. God could … Continue reading