Magical (v2)

bring your picture or idea to “sally” pay sally. a few days later you will receive your items in the mail. get them altered. ta-da! magic.

Back to Work (Soon)

as winter break comes to an end, i feel like there’s a ton of stuff to do! again! gah, the joy of paid unemployment. i should get cracking. i think i can finish marking one test in a reasonable amount of time. on a side note, i thought this song was cleverly written. hello alone… … Continue reading


just over a week ago i brought a picture of a nice dress to shenzen with me. with a friend, we sought out a tailor. she measured me, looked at the dress, took my money, and said, “we’ll send it to you.” um, okay lady, you just took my money and i’m supposed to wait … Continue reading


you know, i really really really appreciate tim. i know that he’s not always around, but i know that if he is, he’ll do his best to help me out. whenever i’m looking for a friend, i don’t need to be scared to call him up. i know that i can bribe him with food. … Continue reading

Christmas in Hong Kong

despite the feelings of homesickness at first, it turned out to be quite a good Christmas. i think having it fall on a sunday was good, because many of my friends then had monday and tuesday off as well. so on the 23rd i had a small group gathering at night, the 24th i stayed … Continue reading

Excerpt from The Little Prince

i wanted to write a blog post explaining my thoughts and feelings about this blurb, but i think it can all but summed up with “this is dedicated to all my close friends and my future husband.” i love you. “good morning,” he said. he was standing before a garden, all a-bloom with roses. “good … Continue reading


reading a book with my esl class about socioeconomic class, gangs, and such. in the outsiders, the upper class are called socs and the lower class are called greasers. yesterday was the last day of school before the holiday break, so everyone went for extended lunches. a group of teachers went for lunch and we … Continue reading


i must admit that i am spoiling myself this Christmas: haircut facial spatula from wilton food colouring markers trip to shenzen plus massage shopping? ocean park new dress


bob: you know, miss mark, you’re really close with your students. me: what do you mean? bob: well, i can talk to you. i can’t talk with other teachers like this… perhaps i am making a difference. or perhaps my sarcasm is just that attractive :)  

LGBT Support

seems like there is more support for the lesbian gay bi trans (LGBT) community.  still processing.