i saw this blog post on “Top 10 TV Men I Would Marry” and thought, hey, i think i want to be shallow for just a little bit too. so i thought of the guys that i find stupidly stunning. i came up with two, both from the same show – lost. jack shepherd played … Continue reading


one of my largest fears about next year is community. this year has been quite awesome. love my roommate, love my big brother, love my colleagues, and other people surrounding me. however, within the last few months it seemed like everything was changing. my roommate’s boyfriend arrived in hk. my big brother started dating. one … Continue reading

Poetry Slam

interesting and well done. i think the audience’s reaction was the best :)


this is an except from my friend’s update letter. convicting… During one of our morning devotions, I was reminded that my foundation was shifted to something/somewhere else other than Jesus. The list of “things which I can’t let go” has grown in the past year. Like the rich young man who walked away from Jesus … Continue reading

Devotional from Island ECC (Albert Ng)

“In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us through wordless groans.” Rom 8:26 I grew up praying with lots of words. I thought it was more spiritual to pray long prayers. Prayer for me meant … Continue reading


i love that hk is a communal culture. it’s not the same as east african countries, but there is definitely a kindness shown to those around you. in canada, it’s all about me. in malawi, it’s all about everyone even if they’re a stranger. in hk, it’s all about everyone i know. living in this … Continue reading

Not Happening

do you ever get that feeling where you like someone but you pretty much know it’s not going to happen? yeah, that’s where i’m at. *thumbs down to boys*

Prayer Practice

today i went to a different church than i usually go to. not sure if you all know, but at the beginning of june i went to an orphanage in china. as some type of debrief, we all planned on meeting up this sunday to listen to the founder of the organization speak. he hit … Continue reading


a number of things made me mad tonight… roommate is gone. no one to talk to has been really bad for me. being told to be on time, but the other person was late. getting lost. calling the person to try and find the place, but he was super unhelpful. hot weather/dripping in sweat. people. … Continue reading

Thoughts on a Page

for most of my readers, you’re used to me talking about boys and marriage, marriage and boys. now, my lovely roommate has subscribed, and she seems slightly concerned. rest assured, this is normal for me. i am boy crazy. perhaps just as much as my friend down the street is girl crazy haha. so this … Continue reading