fyi: i added the pictures to the two other blog posts that were missing them. thanks for your patience. you know you’re an expat when… you go to a restaurant with friends and order your meal, your meal comes and instead of handing you cutlery, your server pulls out a drawer filled with supplies (attached … Continue reading


i’m not sure if i hate this world or if i hate hk or if i hate men or if i hate sin or a little bit of all of the above. i haven’t been called fat in about seven years. i haven’t been insecure for about four years. today all of that came crumbling … Continue reading


i went to go look at dehumidifiers today. i ended up wanting to buy a fan, but they were out of stock. i asked the store if they could call me instead of me coming into the store to find out they’re still out of stock. i wrote down my number and he asked for … Continue reading

Dangerous Corner

my week is so busy already and school hasn’t even started – ack!! anyways, wanted to blog shortly about almost getting hit by a car. i asked my travel clinic if i should buy travel insurance before i left and he was like definitely. even though you’re healthy and immunized, you could get hit by … Continue reading


i smell like sweat. i am not impressed. i have never sweat so much in my life. although i say that every time i sweat, so it probably isn’t true. still, it’s very hot here and my clothes stink. i hope that washing them helps, but i don’t have a dryer. nothing is passing the … Continue reading

Last Week Memories

well, it’s not actually the last week, and i do suppose i could rename this post to last week and a half of memories, but please deal with it :) august 1st met up with dc. haven’t seen him for a couple of years. things change, like he’s married haha. met for coffee and talked … Continue reading

Back to the Roots v.2

so, the view is amazing. i suppose not everywhere, but by the harbour you can see the mountains. perhaps one day next week i’ll go to “the peak” to see hk better. i haven’t been doing too much touristy stuff, but keeping to myself a fair amount. i think it’s to keep myself sane and … Continue reading


hey, sorry i haven’t been updating. i don’t have internet access right now. i will try to post on 1. my last week in canada and 2. second reflections on getting back to my roots soon. just wanted to post that i found an apartment with karen wong in wanchai. about $575 for rent for … Continue reading

Getting Back to the Roots

so, this blog branch is dedicated to eunice. it will be about my thoughts and experiences in hong kong. i obviously have not learned anything from tv, other than paranoia. in the movie “taken” two girls go on a trip to europe, a cute guy convinces them to split a cab, he gets some info … Continue reading

Oh, How It Rains

as i left for church this morning, it was raining. i couldn’t help but think it was for me again. girl’s hearts are stupid i tell you. i mean, what type of logic drives you to think that someone who leaves you will return after they choose to leave? maybe i’m like a telemarketer. are … Continue reading