A Dozen

me: …so there were about a dozen people there. justin: hey, how many are in a dozen in canada? me: twelve. justin: oh really? because in america a dozen is eleven. me: really?? justin: no, i’m just joking. me: well, did you know there are only ten in a baker’s dozen? justin: thirteen? me: …there … Continue reading

The Past Little While

i’ve been working on two teddy bears. one pink, one blue. i hope for them to be complete on friday, but i’m not so sure they will be. they both need butts and arms. arms will be easy, bottoms may not be. then sewing and stuffing and loving :) i’ve been training on weekends for … Continue reading

What Should I Read?

1. wild swans: three daughters of china (by jung chang) in hopes of better understanding of the chinese culture, getting a sense of history as well as present day through the lens of three generations of chinese women. i would assume it’s similar to reading the joy luck club and wanting to better understand the … Continue reading


it’s super annoying that people you are closest to are people you feel that you can hurt easily. my family will never leave me, i can’t even imagine them doing that. so, these stupid spurts of frustration come out and words of hurt fly everywhere. things simmer and they’ll be fine tomorrow, because they always … Continue reading

Same Gender Friends

this last week has been spent chilling with my ladies. tuesday ray and shells, wednesday elaine, thursday hannah lee and workout ladies, friday kathleen. (the question is, what did i do on monday?? also, i spent some time with opposite gender friends, but this post is about same gender friends, so stop wrecking my fun.) … Continue reading

It’s That Time Again

time to clean my room. my house has been hit by the tornado of stuff and i need to start purging and putting things in there place. wish me luck. send the search party after me if i don’t return.

Heart Warming

you know those people that you talk to that you absolutely love and you’re super glad they’re in your life and you wish you could talk to them way more often? yeah. i’ve got a heaping handful of friends like that. to name a few, ben and jen joliffe, kathleen jarvis, allison bruns, eunice torres, … Continue reading


cheryl and jon’s wedding was sweet :) as some of you may know, i was taking care of the overall decorations for the wedding. i feel like i could be a wedding planner now, although, now that i’ve gone through it, i doubt i’d want such a job. the decorations turned out great, and as … Continue reading


i don’t know if it’s numbness or that i’ve just been really busy, but it’s just clicking now – i’m leaving for hong kong in just over 7 weeks. insane! my room is still a disaster (perhaps i’ll clean tomorrow). so much to do before i leave, but so little time! i suppose this is … Continue reading


after a long day of everything (convocation, lunch, bank stuff, nap, chill, workout, phone) i hoped that i would get to talk to justin, but the night kept going and it got later and later. i suppose the two hour time difference plays in, because i went online and he messaged me around 11:30. that’s … Continue reading