One Week

one week from now, the boy is coming. he’s coming i tell you! so, for the most part, i’m quite excited. then there’s the part of me that’s anxious and my tummy is all churny. then there’s part of me that’s confused. what am i doing? what am i thinking? should i be thinking this? … Continue reading

TV Choices

when i live away from home, i almost never have access to tv. i must admit though, i enjoy watching tv, and it can become quite addicting. i only have a selection of shows that i watch though… 1. TLC – bridal shows such as say yes to the dress and four weddings, i used … Continue reading

The Break-Up Soundtrack

once i get a job, these songs are to be downloaded and burned to a disc. cooler than me — mike posner so what — pink that’s not my name — the ting tings boom boom pow — black eyed peas miss independent — neyo one last time — elise estrada i hate this part … Continue reading

My Day

it was a good day. packed with a variety of activities. i went to the doctor’s in the morning. she tried to figure out my family history and health background, but good luck with that. i’m completely clueless. my parents are completely clueless. all in all, i’ll have to go back for a physical. there … Continue reading


finished my last day of school yesterday. it was great. i love the kids, but there’s a great feeling of “i’m done” now. i’m very excited to convocate and move on to my career :D in fact, i’m going for an interview today for a summer teaching position. teaching in hk for at least next … Continue reading

Love Like You’ve Never Been Hurt

some blog posts are way to serious, and i type in the title and i let it sit on my computer for hours or days or weeks. this is one of those posts. i attended a play with my kiddies mainly on the topic of rape. during the debrief one of the girls said, “maybe … Continue reading

Cutting the Cake

when it is your birthday, you should take a picture like so, and we’ll add it to the collection. my amusement for the day. happy birthday (soon)!

Emotional Drama

levels are so high…. ahhhhh. i’m on a high, then low, then mellow, then high, and gah! perhaps there is a name for this disorder, but then again, it’s most likely linked to working with middle schoolers. love those girls, but goodness, there is just so much drama!

Part of Being a Man

some things men should step up and do without question. men should squish bugs for girls, and become heroes of the day.

Violence is the Best Option

so you know when you first start dating someone and all your close guy friends (and maybe even some girl friends) tell the guy “if you ever hurt her, i’m going to hurt you.” why does no one keep to this? i mean, i don’t want my exs beaten to a pulp, but imagine the … Continue reading