Repairing My Marriage

i love Jesus. He is the most awesome husband any person could ask for. so then, why is it that lies can so easily destroy such a relationship? why is it that the trust and the love doesn’t keep growing instead of being on a roller coaster? i went for coffee with sundara today and … Continue reading

Oh, The Places We’ve Pee’d

perhaps it’s the rebel in me that wants to take off and let no one know, but of course, the social, attention-seeking, gossip part of me let the secret out that eunice and i went to the maritimes and quebec. here’s a brief recap of what went on: saturday: we left in the afternoon tried … Continue reading


you know you’re old when you pass out on your friends floor because they’re hanging out way too late and have no intention of stopping the fun. it was 11:30p.m. *shakes head* oh undergrad students.

Expecting Too Much

so a little while ago there was a situation where someone i worked with in the past barely said hello to me. he’s on staff with c4c, and although i would have loved for him to stop and talk, especially since i had approached him, he didn’t necessarily have time. i was kind of sad, … Continue reading

A Rough End? A New Beginning.

oh the bitter-sweetness of graduating. here goes…. so tonight we had our year-end banquet. it was nice to see people from both campuses. here comes the downer though, i looked around and i was like, bah, i feel kind of lonely. anyhow, i saw caroline and sat alone with her all night. it was probably … Continue reading

New Relationships and Affirmation

so there’s this bitter sweet emotion about finding out your friends are dating. there’s the “aaaaaawwwwwwwwww, that’s so cute” then comes the “shoot, i’m still (bitterly) single.” so i’ve semi made up my mind to give up on the search. so “love” is an interesting thing. in one sense, the guy should definitely lead the … Continue reading

Short Attention Spans

you only have a split second to vie for people’s attention, especially when dealing with an online atmosphere. instead of putting up a huge blurb about what easter means to me, i’m putting up a few sentences in hopes to get to the heart of the holiday, with the option to read further if you … Continue reading