Blog Readers

i feel quite exposed when people approach me and tell me that they’ve been reading my blog. i think kathleen said to abby that my blog was “raw.” i agree haha. the stuff on here is not necessarily stuff that i go flaunting around (say my supporters or family or so on). it’s not that … Continue reading

Overflowing Joy

sometimes you’re just so ridiculously happy that it’s spills into everything and nothing can touch you for a good couple days. every couple of minutes i’m like “ahhhhhhhhh, i got a job!” you must understand that it’s the best job offer that i could have asked for and then some. ahhhhhhh, i got a job!

Job Secured

i’m heading to hong kong to work for delia school of canada. teaching business and tech design. i could not have asked for more. thank You, God.

Open-faced Sandwich

a whole bunch of bad with one awesome bun at the bottom to support it all. this is an explanation for my last post (versus me venting, I already did that in the last post). family very annoying at times. they don’t mean to be, i just think i’m too old to be at home … Continue reading

At This Moment I Would…

hang out with my friends drive my car into a wall smash lots and lots of plates and other breakables cry hide in a hole perhaps regressive maturity does exist

March Break

just wanted to warn my lovely readers that i will not be posting for the next week, as i am off to orlandoooooooooo. sweet sweet sun (or so i hope)!

Message T-Shirts

i wish message t-shirts were really easy to make or really cheap to buy. i’d definitely purchased tons of them… we broke up. please don’t ask. i need a hug we’re still friends, but it’s complicated. please don’t talk to him, it hurts me. we’re all good i’m not interested. thanks anyways don’t worry. i … Continue reading

The Marshmallow Test

THE AGONY!!! haha. poor kids.

Don’t Want to Wait

to be completely upfront, i just want to walk up to you and be like, i like you. do you think there’s anything between us? unfortunately, i vowed never to walk that road (again). waiting is annoying and so it trying to get in the way. i suppose i have bigger issues to deal with … Continue reading

The Joy of Not Smelling Like Poo

i’m just sitting here at starbucks (<3) and it has dawned on me… i no longer work at alice fazooli’s. i won’t have to smell like poo anymore! at least for a little while anyways :) oh sweet, sweet beauty. yesterday was darn fun though. watched the hockey game until i had to leave for … Continue reading