Broken Fairytales

i’m not sure if this is actually true, but i think that most hollywood productions present the story of one guy, one girl, they fall in love, and live happily every after. i suppose they’re bringing more issues into movies now, but no one really wants to pay to see broken hearts – that’s just depressing. a … Continue reading

Sex Through Walls

warning: rated r GAAAAAAAAAAH!! so gross. perhaps sex scenes in movies are hollywoodified, i’m not subject to watching or listening or whatever if i choose not to. perhaps it’s because i’m not connected to these people at all…. although, even if the couple were complete strangers, i still think i would be scarred. all in … Continue reading


as i sit here in starbucks, i feel like a bunch of things are swirling around me, all demanding attention. but really, when i’m in starbucks, i just want to sit back, enjoy my [insert awesome drink name], and read a good book (most often the Bible). i also enjoy blogging at starbucks. it seems … Continue reading

A Raw, Depressing Entry

tonight was just one of those nights. at first i thought that it was my introverted side wanting to be alone, and it was partially due to that, but i’m also over sensitive to certain things – feeling unloved or unwanted in general. to preface the situation a bit, i’m exhausted. i’m not sure why … Continue reading

Grad Photos :)

i think i’ll be ordering photos, but i look like such a nerd hehe. feel free to cast votes.

Post-Valentine’s Day Reflection

although i quite enjoy the commercial side of Christmas, valentine’s day is a whole other story. it is purely commercial. no bigger meaning. is that why it bugs me? don’t know. perhaps it promotes the idea that being in a relationship is better than not, thus leaving me with tons of rant material. to some extent … Continue reading

The Pro and Cons for Wearing Heels

pro: you look fabulous cons: you stretch your feet so that they are warped forever, it’s quite painful after a day of walking, you walk really slowly, if you don’t know how to walk in them you look extremely silly, walking in snow is dangerous or impossible, if you have to go to the washroom … Continue reading

Valentine’s Day

i don’t think there’s very much use in lying and saying that i’m really happy to be single with valentine’s day coming up. don’t get me wrong, i love my singleness, but there’s something to be said for peer pressure and how outcasted it makes you feel. valentine’s day is a high pressure holiday where … Continue reading

Closing In

in one sense i feel like things are going fairly well – i’m finishing school, i’m quitting my job, i have more free time, spring is coming. on the other hand, i feel very trapped and confined by different things – i’m unemployed, lots of assignments due, my practicum is coming up. these are the … Continue reading

The Shack

point form post because there’s just way too much to say. here’s my opinion on william young’s The Shack: the good: page 93 – rationale behind God being a black woman. “To reveal myself to you as a very large, white grandfather figure with flowing beard, like Gandalf, would simply reinforce your religious stereotypes…” page … Continue reading