Headship and Submission

i finally listened to my first Piper sermon straight through. i don’t think i’ve done that before. i must admit that i fell asleep in the middle, but went back to finish it up :) a little bit before my colorado trip, and over the last year, i have become more interested in learning about … Continue reading

DJ and Me


i hate grass. i know my phobia is weird to a lot of people, but maybe it’s more of a super strong dislike and hatred versus a phobia. either way, i super appreciate people who remember my preference and work with me. i suggested that we do something artsy tomorrow and caroline suggested we dance. … Continue reading

Guarding Your Heart

i think there’s got to be something in between wearing your heart on your sleeve and barricading your heart in a cement brick. one of the best responses that i have heard to “what does this term mean?” is that “guarding your heart is being realistic to your situation and circumstances.” there are a handful … Continue reading

Horrible Driver

i am severely grieved at how reckless my driving was today. i definitely ran a red. i felt like driving myself to the police station and turning myself in. i apologize to my fellow asian women drivers – i fit the stereotype, and i may make it even worst than it should be. sigh. today … Continue reading

I Want to Take It Easy

i want to just lay on the beach in semi warm weather and sleep the day away. perhaps relaxing with a few friends and maybe grabbing some bubble tea at night. but aside from the weather not permitting this, i feel like the world demands that i do something useful with my time and the … Continue reading


it may be that i’m not really busy, but i think dj is overly busy. poor guy. however, this doesn’t stop me from wanting to see him. so yesterday i asked him what he was doing today, expecting that he’d be busy. he was busy, but cleared aside some time for us to hang out. … Continue reading


i keep going downtown to get my TCard (university of toronto student id card), but i never end up getting it. either i’m busy, i don’t look nice, the office is closed, or something comes up. sad times. i think i need it to log on to the website that accesses where i’m placed for … Continue reading

It’s Official

dj: so, are you my girlfriend? me: yup. smooth.

Upsetting Intolerance

Christians hating on other religions is not cool. i don’t know where i draw the line though. here’s what’s driving this post: i live across the street from a mormon church in fort collins. i’ve wanted to visit one for some time now, along with a mosque, a temple, and other such institutions. however, mormons … Continue reading