One week down, three to go

the week has felt really long and really short at the same time. i would say that the days are about 15 hours long. it’s hard to concentrate for that long every day, but if you slack, you’ll feel the effects almost immediately. it’s a procrastinater’s nightmare. however, i love it. the long days of … Continue reading


i don’t know what it is about planes, but i don’t like them that much. i really like being able to get to places fast and also marvel at how a piece of metal can “fly”, but when it comes to boarding them, strapping in, and sitting for a couple hours (at least) i’m not … Continue reading

Religion in Canada

i think canada is such a unique country in terms of religion (and other things of course, but i’ll be focusing on religion in this post). last summer i took a course regarding religion and public policy – how religion works with the law basically. the class wasn’t to most interesting in terms of readings … Continue reading

Schedule Fail

gah!!! i missed my workout class. i thought it started at 8:30 but it apparently starts at 8 now that i’ve checked the website. darn! i wonder if i missed it subconciously because i don’t actually want to work out. sad, so sad. i suppose i will drag myself to extreme fitness tomorrow. will it … Continue reading


i don’t know if there is a proper use of vacation time, but it would be nice if i could feel relaxed. i haven’t been doing much – reading, cleaning, visiting people – yet i don’t feel relaxed. i want to blame the city. toronto is really busy. usually i quite enjoy shopping and it’s … Continue reading

Professional Destroyer of Dishes and Such

i’ve done an excellent job at subtly destroying my dish collection over the year. no one would suspect a thing! dish 1: bowl in microwave. not microwavable. it exploded. dish 2: glass smashed. it needed to go on a diet. it was too heavy and fell off of the side of the dish rack. smashed … Continue reading


even when things are so “stable” and clear, my life is drama filled. i’m frustrated, yet not. on one side is a lot of trust and great character and solid references. on the flip side, people questioning the approach to the relationship. i want things to be public but i don’t for this very reason. … Continue reading

Chicken a la Carte

View this movie at our hearts grow cold so quickly that it’s depressing. a lot of times i turn a blind eye to what is happening in the world, and even in this city, because i’m not directly affected by it. not only that, but doing something would push me out of my comfort … Continue reading