To Be with God

the effects of sin are deep. the world is so full of pain, suffering, and death. heaven is void of sin. void of tears. void of hurt. i am discontent with how this world operates. the violence. the sickness. only Jesus can save us. and He has. and He continues to save. so i pray… … Continue reading


i’m sore. -_____________-

One Drained Introvert

i’m absolutely exhausted. physical exhaustion is expected i suppose, but emotionally and relationally too. i’m really glad Easter is here to give a break, though there’s more to it. anyhow, i came home after weekly meeting and popped in a movie. haven’t watched a movie by myself for a while, so it was fantastic. v … Continue reading

Matthew 6:33

still love that verse. i was going to name this blog something like i will go or oblivious or husbands or something, but it really came down to seeking God first and everything for His glory. so the first thing i want to say is that both girls and guys can be completely oblivious to … Continue reading

Low-maintenance Friendships

some friendships you don’t need to maintain well, because they don’t need the attention. however, there are friendships that you do need to maintain and just because you don’t, this doesn’t make them low maintenance. some people haven’t talked to me (and vice versa) for over a year i feel and i receive things like … Continue reading