Prince Charming

i’m in this hopeless romantic mood. bah! where’s my husband? : /

Teacher’s Applications

Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. – Matthew 6:34 it’s done and over with. accepted or not, there’s nothing more i can do.


i despise peer pressure and feeling like i’m small. it’s hard not to react like a little kid and do the complete opposite of what everyone else wants me to do. i think the question isn’t even whether or not the peer pressure is intentional, but about what is best for my personal sanity at … Continue reading

A Fuzzy Braid

this morning i went to soul art, which is a program at my church where after reading a passage, praying, and journaling, you are invited to do a piece of artwork to help solidify what you’ve learned. this session we read psalm 139, which talks about how intimately God knows us – more than we … Continue reading

Little Things

you know when you have small things that need to get done, and if done at that point, yeah it might be a little painful, but it’s much better done then than later? so i’ve left it and left it and now it’s huge! to fix things now it’s a much larger task, much more … Continue reading


what a great night! i am thoroughly tired. after work i came home and discovered nakita and sundar’s interest to come with me and var to the art gallery of ontario (AGO) for their free reopening weekend. not only was it free *nods*, but it was filled with tooooooons of art. i dressed up to … Continue reading

Life of a Drama Queen

1. i’m in such a mood today. when i dress up and go out by myself, i feel like i need to walk around with my nose in the air to fully pull off the image of “miss independent”. i have to give it to my sister and my driving desire to get married that … Continue reading

South East Africa

i just got an email from a friend that returned from Uganda recently, so i was flipping through her pictures. oh man, do i ever miss it. as much as i love waterloo and toronto and canada, south east africa has a special place in my heart, especially Uganda and Malawi. maybe next year or … Continue reading


my new pasttime is to sit and watch movies alone. it sounds sad, but i’m quite content hugging my big stitch and watching a good chick flick. i need down time like this :)

Knowing myself

i hate some habits that i carry. one is that i’m never able to get out of bed without a motivation. sometimes during the day i get a bit sleepy and would like a ten minute nap, but i know that’s definitely not going to happen. ten minutes always turns to twenty which turns to … Continue reading