i think it’s a dangerous place to be when you forget to preach the Gospel to yourself and no one else is preaching it to you. i don’t necessarily mean to explicitly preach it, but there’s a difference between someone who absolutely loves Jesus and talks about Him and shows it, and someone who goes … Continue reading

Sin and Grace

you know when you sin and it makes you feel like absolute poop? okay, well then you come to this point (hopefully soon after you sin) where you long for the intimacy of God that you know is there. but you feel guilty and would even like to be punished for your sin. so lyrics … Continue reading

A Mourning State

i would like to start off by saying that mourning is different from sadness. i know the good that has come of this situation but have little knowledge of the long term effects and the impact that it has on people. a member of campus for Christ at york was a victim in attempted murder … Continue reading

Attractive Men

since i’m tired anf feel blunt, i thought i’d write a small, small blurb about attractive men HAHA. the most attractive “thing” a guy can have is Jesus. i definitely love summit; great refocusing weekend.