totally unrelated to this post: Paulman’s coming to Ontario tomorrow! yaaaaaaaaay!!!! so lately i’ve found that i have a lot more pet peeves than i’ve noticed previously. my new peeve added tonight is a false sense of sincerity. someone, who i don’t know that well, invited me to their birthday party. i have a lot … Continue reading


time is such a precious asset that not many people cling to. i suppose that the majority of Canada’s population puts a “large” value on time, yet the sit in front of their tv and waste away their lives (or worse, facebook). i have very little time this semester; i must admit this is partially … Continue reading

“Comedic” Relief

it’s been an extremely busy weekend for me trying to catch up with school work and campus for Christ activities. i got back to res at about 9p.m. and was working for the last 2 hours when a giant female mosquito flew into my room through my open window. of course this had to happen … Continue reading

Will My Assignment Finish Itself?

writing on my blog as procrastination is one of my specialties! my assignment is due tomorrow, it better get done!! as procrastination, i’ve already made a salad, ate an apple, cut my nails, washed dishes, put on makeup, ate some trail mix, applied to a job, did follow-up (okay, that had to be done), and … Continue reading