one of the worst feelings to have is when you know that you should have been productive today but you look at the clock and it’s an hour away from bedtime. then you’re left with the decision of going to sleep and dealing with the consequences tomorrow or staying up late yet again. sigh.

“Deep Stuff”

this post is triggered by: 1. reading someone else’s blog ranting about how Christians are brainwashing their children through home schooling and blocking science, 2. going to kainos fellowship where they tackle some questions that were submitted by different people in the group, and 3. reading johnson’s blog on people’s perception of Christianity, which is … Continue reading


GAH!!! my new grade 10 class annoys me and breaks my heart! monday was my first day in the class and a couple of f-bombs were dropped before lunch even started. i suspected that the trouble was caused by one student, but going back to class today, i knew that there was at least a … Continue reading

Jesus and Talking to God

lately i’ve felt like i’ve been talking at God. regurgitating praise of who He is, not being able to properly reflect on a characteristic. not being able to get my brain quiet. pouring out prayer requests. i was going to blog yesterday, but after recognizing that my quiet times weren’t what i wanted them to … Continue reading

Oh, Homestar

http://www.homestarrunner.com/sbemail109.html http://www.homestarrunner.com/sbemail70.html this reminds me of elementary school and waterloo. haha, oh the sick humour.

In the Classroom

you know when you go into your first day at work and it’s just horrible? or even meh? well, i was pretty relieved to feel at home and loving the classroom :) the kids were awesome, the math was good, the school is nice, staff are fun. yups, i most definitely think that i’m aiming … Continue reading

My Family

i think my family was pretty disfunctional a couple years ago or maybe it was just me. but now i sit here and reflect how much i love and appreciate my family. not that i didn’t before, but it’s just one of those moments. my dad is getting baptised this weekend. it’s really crazy when … Continue reading